Conference objective:

To provide major users of container shipping services, including retailers, manufacturers, consumer product firms, agribusiness and energy companies, with an overall understanding of the major challenges and global environment that they and their logistics vendors face when moving containerized cargo in and out of Europe and around the world.

Theme: Navigating a Challenged System

Global trade is no longer growing at the rates it was prior to the financial crisis, but as container lines rush to deploy ultra large container ships and as landside infrastructure comes under greater stress, particularly in developing countries, the system built over the past 50+ years to efficiently move containerized cargo is under unprecedented pressure. Last year, 2014, saw noticeable deterioration in on-time ship arrivals and sharp increases in cargo delays at many major port gateways in Asia, Europe and North America. This pressure is building as major drivers of containerized cargo growth, first and foremost China, are experiencing a sharp decline in growth. For any company that depends on the container shipping system as a core element in its international supply chain, the next few years will pose a new and unpredictable set of challenges as pressures on the system build. Crucial in this dialogue are the shippers themselves, describing the challenges as they see them, their pain points, avoidable costs, risk mitigation, sourcing strategies and how transportation figures into decision making.