“All industry topics were good. It was a great discussion venue!”

  “Talked to most participants’ in some detail and they all thought it was a very valuable platform to openly exchange ideas and network. Great meeting and very well moderated!”


  “Everything covered was on target with the issues occurring.”

  “Thank you for inviting us. Great event!”


  “I brought back to the office some very real insights that, effective today, am meeting with C-level leadership and incorporating into our long range planning. Priceless.”




  “ I would like to see the roundtable be an all-day event, I feel that there is much to discuss in such a short amount of time.”

  “Engagement is critical at these events (getting everyone to join in and not feel intimidated).  JOC team did a good job here. it wasn’t lecture style but more open forum with loose agenda. looking forward to next event. Thanks!”


  “I think it was a great event and appreciate the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and hear their comments.”

  “I would like to praise the off the record set up of the meeting. I have attended a couple of large meetings.”

  “The small size Roundtable is a lot more forth coming with frank opinions. Thank you for inviting me to the rare opportunity of the roundtable meeting.”

  “The invited participants added valuable insights and I actually would have preferred to have the discussion continue.”


  “The overall discussion on the state of the ILWU situation in LA/LB was very interesting. The participants shared very current info. I would love to continue to participate in discussions like this that encompass Canadian content for both Logistics and Customs.”

  “My first time attending. Good experience.”

  “The presenter was an effective speaker and very knowledgeable on the topics he presented. He is also a very good communicator and drew the group into interactive discussions.”

  “These types of conferences give a fresh and candid perspective on specific issues presently affecting the industry. Thank you for putting this together.”



“Most valuable was meeting others and hearing that they are having many of the same issues that we are having. Good event. Plan to attend others as able!”


“Good event. Liked the fact that is was mostly an open forum.”


“Excellent venue and opportunity to share industry concerns. Could have even had more time if possible.”


  “Thank you again for hosting the round table and for the invitation to join. I find these very valuable and informative. A great pulse check on the state of the industry.”

  “This is the second Roundtable I attended. Both have been very well run. The issues are extremely relevant and the array of participants allow for a divergent exchange of ideas. I have come away both times hoping for more similar events.”

  “Great roundtable. Appreciate the hospitality and attention to detail that the JOC team provides! Looking forward to the next opportunity to participate.”

  “Good forum, I find it valuable again as it relates to shippers in my geographic area.”